Lissie - Sleepwalking

Because it’s good, so good and I’m so hooked on her new album.

Mr. Big - Wild World

This kind of evening.


When we stand together - Nickelback

"But all we serve are empty words that always taste the same." 

The Fray


THE FRAY: ‘Heartbeat’

After a two year hiatus, American alternative rock band The Fray are getting ready to release their third studio album “Scars and Stories” on February 7th! Here we have the just released first single “Heartbeat” which will officially be sent to radio next week. Best known for his work with Bruce SpringsteenPearl Jam and Rage Against the Machine, the group teamed up with Brendan O’Brien to produce the entire album. If the emotional “Headlines” is any indication to how the rest of the album will sound, I can’t wait.  Glad they’re back. :)

Finally there’s a new track! Love it.

We’re on an open bed truck on the highway
Rain is coming down and we’re on the run
Think I can feel the breath in your body
We gotta keep on running til’ we see the sun
You gotta fire and it’s burning in the rain
Thought that it went out but it’s burning just the same
And you don’t look back, not for anything


The Duke Spirit, Dancing On My Own (Robyn Cover)—This is fucking brilliant.  The end.


love her!


love her!

Into Dust
Mazzy Star


Mazzy Star- Into Dust

This song never gets old

Beautiful voice.